Monday, April 19, 2010

What a Weekend

I had such a great weekend I thought I would share it with everyone.

First on Saturday I got to go to Spokane with my sister in law. I have never really been there before besides just driving through and I must say I wasn't really impressed I don't like cities that are confusing to drive through, it reminded me of driving through Portland just not fun at all. Anyways, we went to this restaurant neither one of us had ever heard of called The Onion.The food was really good but the ranch not so much. I am not a fan of onions in the first place and their ranch tasted like onions it was a big disappointment to not use ranch with my food. I know silly.Then we did some shopping which is always great.

Sunday we just had a nice relaxing day at home. Got the house all cleaned, the recycling taken care of. Made some ice tea and enjoyed the rest of the day sitting out in the sun reading a good book, playing with my baby girl and watching the other girls play in the sprinkler. I hope there are more weekends like this one in the future. 


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