Friday, April 16, 2010

Sunny Weather

So I know there are many reasons to love this sunny weather we have been having here in Idaho, but I have one reason that tops all others.


Yes I know that may sound crazy to most of you but I love it we have 8 acres not sure how many we mow (by a push mower by the way) but I would do it every day if I could. So to the reason why I love it so much


Yes I use it as an escape from my kids for just an hour, they don't get to bug me they have to bug their dad if they need something. No MOMMMY MOMMMY MOMMMM all I can hear is the mower boy do I love that sound haha. I know its not very quite at all but it works and its a great workout too.


  1. I love to mow the lawn too. I think I am going to do it tomorrow. It is a fun work-out and enjoying outside.

  2. Perfect! I use to love mowing our lawn, back when we owned a house. So peaceful, yet I'm accomplishing something and getting some exercise outside. Can't beat it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, UBP 2010.

  3. I also love to mow the lawn for the exact same reason-it's my quiet mom time. I love to be outdoors and get a break from my kiddos for an hour. I love them, but it's so nice to get a break and I love to see the lawn once I'm all finished.


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