Sunday, April 25, 2010


Today I feel so accomplished and I really haven't done that much. I got the house cleaned and mopped, carpets shampooed and dinner on the stove to simmer the rest of the day. Just getting these few things done I feel so great. Now I am off to try and go through more boxes and fill up some boxes for a garage sale later this year.  

For those of you that are new to following my blog we just moved to Idaho in February and yes I am still trying to go through boxes I feel like we just don't need anything else in our house and this house is so much bigger than the one we moved from. Where am I supposed to put it all?  AHHHHHHH

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  1. You should feel accomplished!! While my mom was here we cleaned out 2 closets, and also Saturday Matt and I hauled a bunch of stuff out of the garage. Yeah for SPRING CLEANING!!


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