Thursday, April 1, 2010


So I have not been able to get on here at all these last couple of days, my baby girl who is almost 6 months old came down with a horrible stomach bug.

She has been filling her diaper every hour it seems like and just constantly crying and not wanting to be put down. I finally took her to the doctor today and pretty much just threw $30 down the drain. The doctor was in the room 5 minutes and told me pretty much what I already knew but being the worry wart that I am I had to make sure it wasn't anything serious.

Tomorrow we leave for Oregon to visit family for Easter. Should be loads of fun and filled with all that good family drama that goes along with it. Should also be a very fun car ride with a crying baby who needs her diaper changed every hour.

So I will be back on Monday to give you all the great details lol

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  1. Oh Geesh poor baby girl!! I hope you are able to ENJOY your trip. Happy Easter.


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