Monday, April 12, 2010

I Can't Believe It

So let me first start by whining again about not getting any sleep thanks to my sweet baby girl who is still sick and still no word from the doctors.

Anyways, one of the many times I was up last night I heard something in my daughters room so I went and investigated only to find our dog Rosie who is a dachshund had ate my daughters whole chocolate bunny. I am talking about a chocolate bunny that is at least  7'' tall GONE. So, I grabbed the wrapper and put it in the garbage. Tried to go back to sleep and then heard the dog puking or trying to I thought in the girls bedroom so I put her outside and waited for her to come back in, then back to bed only to find myself stepping in........yep you know what. I was not a happy camper.

So anyways after getting the 2 older girls on the bus this morning I went in their room to clean it only to find 3 different puddles of chocolate puke. So that started my day off great. Continued to clean their room and then ended up shampooing 3 rooms of carpet on top of taking care of my baby girl.



  1. Seriously so gross!! That is not fun at all. I hope you hear from the Drs soon. By the way I got my Spring Gift today. A little journal with a keychain.

  2. Oh yuck, sounds like you need a vacation. But take comfort in knowing we all have those days, except mine usually involve shredded diapers and poop.

  3. Poor little Rose was just feeling left out!! I guess you should have went to Petco and got her an Easter treat of her very own!!
    If you need some good stain remover, try comes in a spray bottle and can usually find it in big box great for upholstery and carpet! And that is your handy tip of the day!!


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