Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring OR Winter

Here I thought we were going into Spring but to me it feels like Winter.

GustBuster Metro Umbrella (Pink)
Yesterday and today I was standing outside with my girls waiting for the school bus and I was freezing and not only was it super cold it had snowed and was snowing this morning. I guess I am completely confused at what Mother Nature is thinking.

I want it to be warm outside so I can open my windows and doors and smell the fresh air, I want to be able to go outside in my Flip Flops and not rain boots. I want to be able to open my sunroof in my car. I want it to be SUMMER not Spring anymore.

- Grey Retro Birdie Rainboot - 9.0
How is the weather where you live? What is your favorite season?

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  1. I love fall! I love summer too, but fall is my favorite, because it's not scorching, and it's not freezing.


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