Friday, April 23, 2010

Family Night

Tonight is Family Night in our house we either watch a movie together or play games. So tonight we are going to play some games.  First is a High School Musical game my sister in law bought (not sure how easy it is but we are going to try).

I was selected to participate in the Bicycle House Party. So this week I will be getting a package that includes a ton of cards and other stuff so tonight we are also going to play some cards to practice for our actual party night on the 8th of May.

We are going to play War, Crazy Eights and Slap Jack.

Then the adults here we are going to learn how to play Canasta and Euchre.
I personally have never heard of Euchre but it should be fun always up for new games. 
Have you ever played Euchre? Do you have any suggestions for fun card games?


  1. Sweet you WON a house party!! That is awesome. Nothing like good family FUN. We are actually have chinese tonight and watching a movie--YEAH!! Ant Bully for the girls, and Avatar for Matt and I.

  2. Secrets of the Mountain looks like a great family movie for family night. It's available at Walmart in a DVD/soundtrack combo.

    Game nights are fun, but I've never played Euchre or Canasta! Hope it's fun!

  3. Love, love family nights especially when games are involved, but I have not suggestions for the card games! :( Sorry...
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Following from FF. Hope you have a great weekend!


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