Monday, March 29, 2010


The girls didn't have school today and I knew their friend from Colton had Spring Break this week so we decided to have a sleep over with her.

We played games, watched movies, ate lots of junk and had lots of fun.

By about 11:30 pm last night I had decided they really needed to go to sleep or at least try and be quite (what was I thinking). So, then by 12:30 am I said ok bedtime. I could not stay up any longer. Well then I was worried all night about their friend sleepwalking in her sleep and unlocking the door or something so I did not get any sleep (she does do this) and of course it was a night that my baby girl decided to sleep all night long. So today I am so tired. YAWN!!!!


  1. Geesh I would have been worried too. Yeah for baby girl sleeping all night!!

  2. Man, you have got to be tired. That's why I refuse to host sleepovers at my house, I'd rather send my son to his friends. Plus boys are just loud and obnoxious no matter what. lol


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