Friday, March 5, 2010


So no preschool for Lyndze today because I have so much to do today. You see I keep my house really clean I think but when I know people are going to be coming over for some reason I think that I must do all those little deep cleaning things just in case and well I have a friend and her family coming over tomorrow so I must clean today and tomorrow because I know by tonight it will all be messy again but all the good cleaning will be done. People who know me know that when the main part of my house is out of order I have like total anxiety about it for some reason and I have no idea why I get that way but I do. So CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN for me today (and probably some blogging I am pretty sure I am addicted)

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  1. STOP YOURSELF :) You have seen my unmopped floors, and dirty dishes.


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