Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Preschool Pet Week

So, we didn't do preschool yesterday because by the time she was done with all that boring testing yesterday she had no interest in coming home and doing any kind of learning so today we are going to do yesterday's and today together and this week she is learning about Pets.

We are going to talk about what kind of pets you could have (or that your parents would let you have) and then we are going to make a soft kitty out of construction paper and some cotton balls. We are going to learn to write the letter U (which she already knows how but nothing better than review right) and color a letter U and maybe decorate it with some stickers. Then we are going to play Find the Mittens-I hide some mittens in the house and she has to find them, should I hide them really really good or make it easy for her?

Then we are going to discuss how we should take care of our pets and what you have to do to take care of certain pets. We are actually going to give our real life pets a bath today too. That should be lots of fun and wet. Then we are going to make a shaggy dog with construction paper and some yarn. Then we are going to review how to write the letter D. And I think that pretty much covers it we might try and learn our phone number since that was one of the things she got marked down for.


  1. Fun PET stuff!! I am going to sweep and mop my house and teach Peyton about cleaning :)

  2. sounds like a great day of learning... I think you should make the mittens easy to find all but one and make that one trickier for her... just my thouhgt on that!!!


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