Saturday, March 6, 2010

Great Day with Family and Friends

So I had the most amazing day today.

Got up at 8

Wes cooked breakfast

Got the house mopped and cleaned

Wes left to go and work on his old pickup

The girls and I played outside for awhile

Then the next door neighbors daughter came over and played with the girls, we are still trying to get her used to Rose she just doesn't really like dogs I guess.
After Rebecca left the girls and I took a walk down the road, me pushing Lyndze and Jaedyn in the stroller because apparently Lyndze forgot how to walk.

While we were on our little walk I met a woman that lives down the road and her 2 young boys, its so weird living in an area where there is actually people around even though they aren't that close.

Then my friend Leslie and her family showed up for pizza and game night
. She also has a daughter named Kendall and the girls just think it is the coolest thing ever to have someone else in the house with the same name as one of them.

Leslie had to bring the games because well ours are still in boxes somewhere. We played this really fun card game called Rook and then we played this drawing connect the dots game which was fun but I think it is more of a kids game then an adult game really.

While we were having fun playing games the kids were running around the house having lots of fun too even putting some make-up on themselves which turned out really bright and all over their faces it was really funny (not sure that Matt and Leslie thought is was to funny though) lol

Such a great day it has been forever since we have had another family over for game night well actually since we lived in Oregon that's how long it has been sad sad I tell you. So, hopefully they enjoyed themselves enough to come back again sometime I know we did.

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  1. I am glad you had a FUN day and that we could be part of it. You know you loved SquiggleConnect :) also the make-up was funny, but they you think that your daughter (named Kendall :) had to be a crazy person about it and well...she better be glad that it came off :)


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