Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Coupon Clipping

So I have recently started clipping coupons I mean really clipping coupons. I used to just clip the diaper coupons but I now I have started doing all the coupons for the things that my family uses. I can't believe how much money you can actually save if you use coupons. Yesterday I went to Walmart to get my grocery shopping done and I saved $14 with coupons, Can you believe that? I couldn't. I am trying really hard to be better with money so part of that is clipping coupons. I am really awful and just buy whatever I want and not think about what a waste of money that is. So now I need to start saving for our family vacation next year to South Dakota. I want it to be lots of fun and they have a really awesome indoor water park hotel there I want to be able to stay at while we are there.

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  1. You need to follow all the coupon clipping blogs to get all their tips. They save $100 on each trip. Good Luck


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