Monday, March 1, 2010

Preschool 3/1

Today we are learning about forest animals.
So today all the kids are home, and Kyndal and Madyson love playing school so I have to think of activities for them to do to. So Lyndze and I are going to go through a book and she will tell me which is a pet and which is a forest animal. Kyndal and Madyson will have to decide which is a forest animal and which is a desert animal. Then we are each going to make our own little forest out of construction paper.
We are going to practice counting and writing our numbers to 5, Madyson and Kyndal will have to do some multiplication.
Lyndze is also going to be learning how to write the letter S and Madyson and Kyndal will learn how to write the letter S in cursive.
After all this learning time we are going to make a Fruit Loop necklace which is really simple just a piece of string and some Fruit Loops.


  1. Why don't the girls have school? Well fun activities like always--one of these days I will get my butt in gear and have an actual curriculum for Peyton.

  2. It is staff development or something like that. Ya you know I could give you like a weeks worth of ideas if you want just let me know.


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