Monday, March 1, 2010

Grocery Shopping

So for some reason I thought I would torture myself again today and take all 4 of my kids with me to go grocery shopping. We got to the parking lot of Winco and I parked and then I laid down the law lol. I bribed them with ice cream cones if they were good while we were in the store and it worked. Should I feel bad about bribing them or not?


  1. Do not feel bad at all!! Glad it was a successful trip. I have been trying to clean my house, and the girls have been playing outside all day!!

  2. you should never feel guilty if it makes for a great trip to town!!! can not wait to be up there with you... KIM I NEED YOUR HELP... I can not figure out how to post my comment with out doing it anonymously... PLEASE HELP ME!!! lol

  3. Call me tonight when you get on the computer at home and I can try and explain it to you.


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