Monday, March 1, 2010


Getting ready to cook dinner and then take Kyndal to gymnastics tonight. I have not been since Jaedyn was born because well Wes is home so I make him do it because I have to take the other 2 girls to their dance and sit there with 3 kids. But I am going tonight because well I hate to say this but I was home all day with all the kids and took them grocery shopping so really I just want to have 1 quite hour. Is that so bad of me or what? I need to start going with her again.


  1. Not bad at all-ENJOY your hour.

  2. Cool blog! Now following you from MBC. If you get the chance you can stop by mine as well. Have a nice evening.

    Jen @ A Penny Saved

  3. Thanks Jen, I stopped by your blog and love love love all the coupons.


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