Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Fun

First of all I checked my email this morning and I won my second giveaway, a free movie rental from Redbox I think we are going to rent Imagine That. What a great way to start my day.

We are going to go and check out the Home and Garden Expo today in Moscow, hopefully the kids we be good (maybe I will have to bribe them with ice cream). I wanted to get some ideas for our house and garden this year so I am making Wes take time out of his very busy day to go with me. Then he is off to work on his pickup truck again.

It snowed last night so hopefully when we get home the snow will still be here and the girls can start a sledding spot out in the field.

We are going to make some strawberry mousse today, which with be both Yummy and fun.

Enjoy your day everyone.

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  1. Snowed, huh? Well Spokane was nice and sunshiney with a little rain. Congrats on your giveaway win. I won something too, and it was my biggest win yet, you really want to know don't you :)?


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