Monday, June 14, 2010


I had such an awesome weekend, it felt relaxing and yet it wasn't.

Saturday-We got up and went to the local Farmer's Market so we could get some more plants for our garden and then we headed to Old Navy to get some of their $2 tank tops, you just can't beat that price and of course they have a limit so luckily I brought my husband along and he too could purchase his limit. Then we headed to this little town about an hour away from us called Elk River, ID to see the Giant Cedar Tree and we were expecting a hike but it was not to our disappointment. This town is so small and in the middle of nowhere. After the tree sightseeing we headed to the general store which I had read had amazing huckleberry ice cream. We ended up getting chocolate huckleberry ice cream and it was pretty amazing.

Sunday-I decided that I needed to get all my boxes gone through so we could have a garage sale the next weekend or I guess a yard sale because my husband will not let me use HIS garage. So we filled the front room with boxes that needed to be gone through and finished that pretty quickly. Then my daughter had her first riding lessons on the horse Tess that we are boarding and this horse was amazing, you literally don't need reins to ride her she knows when to walk, stop, turn all by the pressure from your feet. We also starting filling up the swimming pool which is huge so I am sure its going to take days and before we could start we spent about 2 hours leveling a spot for it. Then we had an amazing BBQ cooked by me of course and by the end of the day I looked like a tomato I am so sun burnt. So needless to say today I am feeling the pain. I don't know what I was thinking putting on tanning lotion before being in the sun all day.


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