Thursday, June 10, 2010


Last week on Thursday we picked the kids up from school (it was their last day) and headed straight for Oregon. I had been waiting the whole week for that day to come because I knew on Friday that meant a mini-vacation for me. I really needed it too, I have had the worst couple of weeks.

Friday we headed to Sisters, Oregon where we stay in a cabin at Eagle Crest that my husbands grandma owns. We try and do this once a year, just girls and hopefully no kids (I know that may sound mean to some of you but it is so relaxing). Now this cabin is like my dream home all logs and knotty pine, a hot tub and its on a golf course. We got there around 5 and soon after arriving hopped in the hot tub with some drinks of course.

Saturday-We went to Sisters and did some shopping which is always super fun and I can always find some moose, bear or elk stuff and of course they have all my log furniture there. By Saturday afternoon I started missing Jaedyn super bad this was the first time I had ever left her for this long, I was just trying to stay busy. We played golf on the putt putt course and we also played a game called Chicken Foot (dominoes) that grandma taught us.It was super fun we usually play Mexican train so it nice to change it up a bit. We were laughing so hard the object is to not get very many points and by the end of one of the games we were all above 120 which is so bad.And of course more Hot tub relaxation.

Sunday-Time to head home, I woke up this morning so sad I just could not wait to see my baby girl and my other girls. It seemed like we were never going to be getting home, it was one stop after another and going by so slow all I could think about was Jaedyn and how she probably didn't remember me anymore and how she wasn't going to care that I was gone now anyways. We finally made it home and guess what My baby girl gave me kisses, it was such a relief.

Relaxed most of Monday and then headed back to Idaho Tuesday.


  1. Sounds very relaxing and FUN!! My Grandma taught us Chicken Foot too--I miss playing that with her. So glad Jaedyn still loved you when you got back :)

  2. Sounds like good times. Wow! four girls, that's so cute:)


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