Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hermie & Friends-Who is in Charge Anyway? DVD *Review*

Lesson in Growing Up With God

Who is in Charge Anyway?: A Lesson in Growing Up With God

DVD Description-
Meet the Garden gang before they grew up!
Sitting around a camp fire on a beautiful star-lit night, the garden gang is talking about their favorite memories. Antonio recounts the Garden Olympics, but admits he was a scrawny kid-ant whose parents did not think he would ever amount to much. Flo confesses she used to be shy and introverted. Turns out all Hermie and Friends’ adventures are made possible by the things that happened to them as kids. And it’s also clear that God has had a plan for all of the garden characters right from the start – as long as they had the sense to listen and follow God’s message. Includes new and previous animation.

My Thoughts-
The day we received this in the mail we were actually getting ready to take a drive about an hour away so it worked out perfect because the DVD is about 60 minutes long. I popped it in the DVD player and my 7 year old started watching it. It is such a cute movie and has such a good message for kids. The characters are so cute they remind me of A Bug's Life and the movie itself reminds me of Veggie Tales but I would much rather watch little talking bugs than vegetables any day.  When the movie was over my daughter wanted to watch it again so I said what the heck go ahead. This movie teaches the kids that everyone was created for a reason and no one is alike. There are 13 other DVD's in the collection and I can't wait to get them. I would recommend this to anyone who has kids and wants them to watch shows with morals instead of the stuff that is on TV these days.

My Daughters Thoughts-I liked it, it was really funny.

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  1. I have one of Hermie's books. I will have to look for the DVDs the girls would like them.


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