Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Great Grandma

So as some of you know my great grandma Ila Mae Mead passed away at the age of 88 last week. I have not really been able to type anything until now (maybe anyways) without losing it about her but I just wanted to tell about some really amazing memories I have about her (ok crying now). First of all not very many people I know can actually say they have a great great grandma or even a great grandma. My kids are very fortunate enough to be able to meet and love their great great grandma.

I remember when I used to go over and spend the night at her house and play dress up with all her high heels and jewelry.

I remember when I would spend the night at her house and sleep in her bed with her and she would tell bedtime stories like the 3 bears.

I remember waking up and always smelling bacon that she had cooked to be crumbled up in the oatmeal.

I remember coloring in coloring books at her house that she keep for years, actually she still has one that I had colored in from 1991, I seen it last time I was at her house and my kids have colored in it now.

I remember going to her house in the summer and playing badminton in the backyard.

I remember when she would takes us for drives up in the mountains and tell us stories about her and grandpa hunting and things they would find.

I remember that her house was always spotless and always had that very clean smell to it, so clean you could eat off the floor (even until she passed away her house was clean and she cleaned it)

I remember her yard always being so beautiful and perfect. I remember thinking that I hope when I get old I can still get out there with a push mower and mow my yard.

I remember the first time she met each of my kids and held them for the first time.

I will always and forever remember the special bond she had with Lyndze. They just totally connected. She would always push her around on her walker and Lyndze was willing to help her do whatever she needed.

I will always and forever remember all the great times with YOU.  I LOVE YOU GRANDMA


  1. Oh girl--you about made me cry. Such sweet memories--truly cherish them. Can't wait to get together when you get back from Oregon. It has been too long. Hang in there and like always call me anytime.

  2. Such great memories Kim...I remember how she would always tell you what she thought about what ever it was!! and always in her "okie" accent too!! I loved to hear her talk. She was truely a great spirit and will forever be remember by those who knew her.

  3. This is a very touching post. I really felt how difficult but important it was for you to write it. Memories can be so very sweet and beautiful. I just spoke to my 92 year old mom today and she reminded me it was her and my dad's 74th wedding anniversary! (My dad's been gone for some 44 years.) She told me about some of her memories of her wedding day she had been thinking about.
    Thanks for sharing and allowing me to do the same.


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