Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall DownStairs

So I got in my last post hours before I decided it would be really awesome to fall down our stairs.

No really I was trying to hurry down our stairs and get the gate latched before my baby girl seen me because she just does not like me leaving the room. I had my neighbor over Wednesday morning for coffee and just to visit and right after she left I realized I hadn't seen our cat all morning and I knew she was going to have her babies any day now so I wanted to run downstairs and look for her before I started breakfast for the babies.

And that is when is happened....Fell most of the way down the stairs only to start balling because it hurt SO BAD. I crawled back up the stairs and the babies seen me crying so they both started crying and I had to find my phone so I could call my husband to come home because I literally could not move my leg. Found the phone managed to tell him to come home and then I had to make a call to the Mom I babysit for and all I could do was try and keep it together while I was talking to her I did a good job I think of not crying on the phone with her, I didn't want to freak her out.

Husband got home and we went to the emergency room. Where they took x-rays and told me I had sprained my ankle, they put an air cast on and told me to go home and rest. Well this whole time I was telling the doctor that is wasn't my ankle that hurt, it was up the back of my leg but whatever.

That night the pain was so bad I compared it to coming home after having a c-section REALLY. So we went back to the doctor the next day and she looked at the x-rays and said she didn't see anything but that I probably tore some ligaments but they wouldn't be able to tell until my swelling and bleeding went down. So now I have to go back in two weeks and see what they say.

I twisted the same ankle 3 years ago and it felt nothing like this. So here I am today with my air cast on and trying to keep the babies entertained without having to move around alot. I am so very thankful for my husband who took care of me and did all the chores this last weekend and even got the girls ready for school. I LOVE YOU!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, I've kind of fallen down our stairs before, well slid down really, but never hurt myself like that. I hope you can keep it rested and that it heals quickly.

  2. I've been enjoying your blog but haven't gotten to comment until now for some strange reason. It would never load after I tried to post.
    I feel your pain about the torn ligament. I fractured a bone in my foot and had to hop home. It was very painful. Hope your feeling better soon.


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