Thursday, September 23, 2010

Door to Door Salesmen

Ok so today I had a knock on my door and it was two salesmen wanting to do a FREE shampooing for me. They of course seen my baby and asked how many other kids I had if any and I responded with 3 more.

And immediately he was like oh you must be Mormon or Catholic. And I was shocked why would someone just assume that you had to be connected to some kind of religion because you have 4 kids. I have nothing against either religion my friend and my Father's side of the family are all Mormon and my Mom's side of the family is Catholic. I actually am angry with that man for being so ignorant.

Does anyone else think this guy was wrong or is it just me? What if I had 12 kids (HAHA) would he assume that I also had 3 husbands (could you imagine, I can't even handle 1 most of the time)


  1. Yes some people need to think before they speak.

  2. Ha! You should have looked at him and said.. oh, and you must be ignorant! Sheesh!

    I am a your newest follower... been blog surfing :) Please feel free to stop by and visit me when you get a moment out of your busy schedule :)

  3. Hi Kim, following you back from The Misadventures of a Family of 8, I get asked that all the time, if I am Mormom or Catholic.. or my favorite.. You DO know what causes that right!? OR Are they ALL yours.. I told someone the other day, No I stole a few while I was out shopping.. and walked away LOL.. I couldn't help it..I was so tired of being asked that! One lady right in front of my kids told me how much she pitied me! I couldn't believe the rudeness!


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