Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Dr. Oz Show

So last night I was flipping through the channels on the TV and came across The Dr. Oz Show. I have never watched this show and didn't really know what it was about but it caught my eye because it was called "Just 10". Meaning just 10 pounds. Well I have been trying to lose weight and was doing somewhat good with a total of 9 pounds since August 10th but then I went and sprained my ankle which really stinks because I had only 4 more pounds to lose for my first goal of 14 pounds by October 9th. Hopefully I will be up and being able to do my 2 mile walks again very soon.

Anyways the show was about Dr. OZ getting the country to try and lose just 10 pounds to improve your health and without changing what you eat. He had 4 specialist on the show and they all came up with 5 rules to live by which make complete since. Here they are:

1.  You will cut out sugary soda (for me it means no more iced coffee drinks)
2.  You will not eat past 8PM (no problem with that one)
3.  You will move 10 min/day (not hard to accomplish even with a sprained ankle)
4.  You not eat snacks larger than your fist (this means get your snack out of the kitchen put it in a sandwich   bag and leave the room and when its gone its GONE.
5.  You will track your weight daily (which I already do and when you see the scale go up one day it really makes you watch what you are eating that day)

They also had some supplements you should take to help with the weight loss.

1. Vitamin B Complex-which is supposed to help metabolize-carbs, proteins and fats
2. African Mango (Irvingia Gabonesis)-acts as a super potent fiber
3. Multi-Vitamin

So with all these suggestions it should help you lose 10 pounds without changing what you eat. So I am on a quest to find out if this is true or not.  I won't tell you guys what I weigh but I will keep you posted on my weight loss once a week. I am going to start this today but won't be starting the supplements until Friday so on Friday I will let you know how much I have lost in a few short days and then again next Friday until I meet the 10 pounds. Wish me LUCK.

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  1. Good luck Kim! I have been hitting the gym again after basically taking the summer off. I can sure feel it! I am sore but very determined. Cant wait to hear of your success!


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