Sunday, September 26, 2010

Candy Corn Wreaths Fall Decorating

I seen this idea on a blog that I browsed at earlier this week and then I also seen it on the Woman's Day Magazine cover and thought it would be an awesome project for the girls and I to try.

Here is what you need:

Styrofoam Wreaths
Hot Glue Gun or Tacky Glue
Black Duct Tape
Lots of Candy Corn-we got regular and chocolate flavored so they weren't all the same color

First you have to cover the wreaths with the black duct tape, you want to do this yourself because the tape is so sticky the kids just mess it all up.

Then you want to start making the rows of candy corn by making a line of glue and having your child put the candy corn on. The older girls I let them put their own glue on. Each line that you make you want to alternate the way the candy corn will lay. I used the hot glue gun on the baby one I made for Jaedyn and it worked really nice but it dries to quickly for the girls to use it.

Next if you use the tacky glue you probably only want to do the top of the wreath and then let it dry overnight, this is what the girls had to do with theirs.

And then instead of copying the picture that is on the Woman's Day magazine we made 4 differently designed wreaths.

Jaedyn's I just put a black bow on the top of it.

Lyndze wanted ribbon around hers and a bow

Kyndal wanted a black bow on each side of hers and on the bottom of the wreath it say BOO

Madyson wanted a big bow on the bottom and two little bows on the sides and hers says HAPPY HALLOWEEN on the bottom of her wreath

And here they are all hung up on the wall.
These are great because you can use them for Halloween decorating and they can stay up for Thanksgiving as well.

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