Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekend Fun

We had so much fun this last weekend, I know I already told you what our plans were but it was so much more fun than I expected.

First of all we didn't have any family up here to celebrate with us so I wasn't sure how the holiday was going to turn out but it went great.

We played the games the kids received from the Easter Bunny :)

We had an Easter egg hunt with the next door neighbors and their kids.

We participated in the rubber duck race at our friends house and my husband and his submarine placed 4th :)

During all this fun while we were in the car to go to do the rubber duck race I was sitting in the passenger seat and I felt something run across my foot (I had flip flops on) I screamed and had my feet up on the dashboard in no time (not easy for someone who is 9 months pregnant) but I did it. I made my husband stop the car so I could jump out and he could find it. (now as most of you know I talk about the mice problem we have around here and how I catch the mice in my car) so I thought it was a mouse. 

So later after the race we headed to the church and on the way to the church while driving down the road I spot something by my windshield wipers and at first I was sure it was the mouse and of course I yelled at my husband to get it and it pops out more and I'm like OMG its not a mouse its a rat but no it ended up being a stinking weasel (at first we thought it was a ferret) My husband slammed on the brakes jumped out the car and smacked it off the car, the whole time the girls and I are pretty much screaming and all I could think about was that was the thing that ran across my foot.

Now this was the first time I have ever seen a weasel and I guess I have always had in my head that they were big like the size of my weiner dog but we were informed that no they can be pretty small and they are not nice. The good thing I found out was that they eat mice so that must have been why the ugly little thing was in my car. And the funny thing is we caught a mouse in my trap in my car that morning. So that was my excitement for the day.


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