Thursday, April 28, 2011


We have a dog, and two cats which are all supposed to be taken care of by my girls and that never happens. I'm always the one feeding them, chasing after them, cleaning up their messes and it drives me crazy. So what do my girls bring home from Awana's last night?.........


Each of them brought home one goldfish, so I was thinking to myself just great another animal I have to take care of. And then to top it off we had nothing to keep them in, no food for them which meant I had to go to town today to buy that stuff.  We ended up putting them in a bowl last night and I figured they would be ok for a night in a bowl on the kitchen counter. Well, my husband checked on them right before bed and our cat was up on the counter with its paw in the water trying to fish the fish out. So we had to move them to a room that cat couldn't get into and now I'm thinking I should have just let the cat get them.

So I have decided I'm not taking care of these fish, its going to have to be their responsibility to clean and feed the fish. So I'm sure it will only be a matter of days before we are flushing them down the toilet. Am I just being mean or what?

On another note-remember my story about Easter day and the weasel in my car?  Well I'm pretty sure when I screamed I scared the weasel too and it peed in the car because there was an awful smell (I can't smell it now in my car) but I think that smell is keeping the mice away because I haven't had a mouse in my car since then.


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