Friday, April 22, 2011

The Weekend Ahead

This weekend it feels like we have so much to do.

Saturday- We need to dye Easter eggs with the kids, I need to shampoo 3 rooms upstairs and we are going to be taking the 3 older girls to watch Hop which means the shampooing and dying of eggs needs to happen before 2 in the afternoon which is when we need to leave for the movie. And thanks to my friend Leslie who is going to watch Jaedyn for us while we are at the movies otherwise we wouldn't be able to go.

Sunday- Get to wake up and see what the Easter Bunny left for the girls and I'm sure we will be setting up their gifts so they can play with them. This year I decided to get the older 3 games they would be able to play outside this summer so I got: Lyndze a animal croquet set, Kyndal a ladder golf set and Madyson a tether ball set and of course I didn't leave Jaedyn out but all she is getting is some stuffed animals and rubber duckies for her bath. Is that bad? And of course an Easter egg hunt. 
We haven't found a church to go to up here yet so that means no Easter Sunrise Service. But we will be going to a local church around 6 on Sunday night because the Awana's kids are going to be singing a song and my 8 year old has a solo part in it. Can't wait to hear her.
We have also been invited to join in some Easter activities at our friends parents house which sounds really fun. They do some kind of rubber duck race down the creek. And a birthday party crammed in there as well. 

What are your plans for the weekend? What are your Easter Day traditions?

HoPpY EaStEr!!!


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