Saturday, May 14, 2011

Productive Day

Finally the sun is shining on this beautiful day and it's the weekend, which means we got to do things outside for a change. I love the sun it got up to 81 degrees but with the wind we have here it really didn't feel like it.

We got our garden planted which feels so good, I started the plants in the house a couple weeks ago and they were starting to get pretty big. So now this summer we will have corn, sweet peas, watermelon, cantaloupe, zucchini, cucumbers and pumpkins in the fall.  I don't know how the cantaloupe, or the corn will do because we haven't had those before but I'm assuming they will do just fine.

The kids love working in the garden and planting their plants. Jaedyn our youngest loves working the garden too but I don't think her Dad thinks she is much help, she pulled up some sweet peas a few times and she loves throwing the dirt around. The kids each got to pick something to plant and Madyson picked watermelon, Kyndal picked corn and Lyndze picked sweet peas.

Ok that is really all we got done today but that took a good couple hours, now my husband is outside grilling up some hamburgers and corn on the cob. YUM

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Tomorrow I'm organizing baby things.


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