Monday, May 16, 2011

Couponing Shopping Trip: Week 2

Wow what a week, I went out twice this week to do some couponing along with other errands. Here is what I got this week.

Lots of great stuff and all stuff that my family uses. I spent a total of $98.03  for all this before coupons it would have been  $243.87 so about a 60% savings.  How is that for AWESOME?

9 boxes of cereal 
3-6 packs of Propel Water
9 things of Gatorade
3 Kraft BBQ Sauce
4 Lay's Potato Chips
3-2 liter bottles of Sierra Mist  FREE
6-4 pack of Starbucks Frappe drinks
10 bottles of Powerade
10 bottles of Vitamin water
3 things of deodorant
2 things of Colgate toothpaste
4 things of Purex laundry detergent
8 jars of Pasta Sauce
8 boxes of Spaghetti noodles FREE
2-4 packs of women's razors I MADE $.03 each
3 containers of dish soap

Pretty soon I'm going to have to buy another shelving unit for the basement.


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