Saturday, May 14, 2011

Only 10 more days.....

Yes I only have 10 more days until I get to meet our little guy. I am so ecstatic I can't even believe we are this close.

I feel like I have been pregnant FOREVER. I also am having this feeling of anxiety I guess, I just feel like I don't have everything done, maybe I am forgetting something that he is going to need, I'm dreading going to the hospital and knowing that they are going to be putting a needle in my back (for me that is the worst part, I hate the feeling) I'm hoping he will pee on his Dad before me.

On the other hand my girls are all super excited to have a baby brother, they have actually been arguing about who is going to get to hold him first, silly girls. I'm pretty sure it will be our oldest that will get to hold him first but I'm not telling them that until it happens just another thing for them to argue about.

These last 10 days are just going to drag on I think so I'm going to try and keep myself busy. I'm going to go and have lunch and get my hair done with a friend on Thursday, my husband and I are going to take the girls to watch a movie and out to lunch on Saturday then I think my husband and I are going to go out to dinner by ourselves Saturday night.

I almost feel like this is my first baby for some reason maybe because I know what to expect with girls.

I can't contain my Excitement!


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