Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What a day!

So yesterday I had such an exhausting day (ok for me it was exhausting)

I had an appointment at the hospital to take my glucose test for this pregnancy, so I had to drive my daughter out to my friends house which is a 45 minute drive before hand and while dropping her off try and stomach the nasty "orange soda" drink YUCK. Then drive back into town which is 20 minutes and be at the hospital by 10:10 get my blood drawn (which is not a big deal) and then head to my next appointment.

Next I had an eye appointment which I have never had one before although I keep my kids all checked up on a regular basis I have never been. What made me decide to go? Well when I went to go and get my Idaho drivers license I had to take the vision test and I thought that the images seemed a little blurry to me, so I made an appointment. Unfortunately I do need glasses but only for driving, I can see the road signs but with the glasses I will be able to see them further away and since I do A LOT of driving I figured it would be a good idea. Then I had to decide on a pair of glasses, which was very hard for me I think I must have tried on like 20 pairs and didn't like any of them the doctor was like you aren't going to like any of them because you don't like the idea of having to wear glasses I was like ya your right but I finally did decide on a pair.

After the eye appointment I had to run to Wal Mart to pick up a few things and then back out to my friends house to pick up my daughter. Then back home in time to get the kids off the bus.Then I decided I had to clean out my car because I noticed a few little presents from a little mouse in my car. Now for a little back story:
When we first moved into our house, no one had lived here for almost a year so mice had taken over everything, although we never seen any mouse droppings in the house when we looked after we moved in our trusty wiener dog sniffed them out and got rid of them for us. So we have struggled with them in our garage and around the yard. We have 2 cats now and the dog and usually between them they kill about 3 or 4 mice a day. So anyways when we moved in I was getting mice in my car too and I couldn't figure out how to keep them out so I went back to my trusty mouse trap (which is a iced coffee cup with the dome lid and a little bit of coffee inside) and I would get a mouse just about every night using this method, so it has been about 6 months or more since I have had a mouse in my car until the other day. So I got everything out of the car, vacuumed it out and left a coffee cup out there, actually let me check it right now......Yep just like I thought I caught the little pest, not one but two hahaha. So really if you have a mouse in your car you should try my trick.

So after cleaning the car out and everything I then had to cook dinner and get my daughter ready for gymnastics and drive her into town another 20 minute drive and sit there for an hour and then back home by 7:30 and by then I was literally dragging my feet. Got the kids in bed, read for a little bit and then off to bed for me as well.


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