Monday, March 28, 2011


This past weekend my friend and her 3 kids came up from Oregon to visit us, we had so much fun the kids especially. Friday we kinda just hung out and let the kids play all day then we went out for some Mexican Food and watched Yogi Bear. If you haven't seen this movie you have too its so funny.

Saturday I had Easter Pictures scheduled for our family so I decided to get some with my friend and her kids as well. Not sure how they will turn out, it was nice and sunny outside but it was cold and the wind was blowing so it just made it that much more cold, my youngest cried the whole time so I know all the pictures of her in them aren't going to be perfect but oh well it will just add character to the pictures. The photographer also took pictures of me and my belly which was a huge thing for me to do because I hate pictures of ME anyways I love taking them of everyone else so I am really nervous about seeing them. After the pictures we of course did some more hanging out and played games and it was nice enough that the kids all got to play outside.

Sunday my two oldest had a day camp to go to out the high school called Junior Miss "Be your Best Self" they get to learn about community service, nutrition, public speaking and exercise. Its such an awesome thing for them to do. It was 4 hours long and during that time they picked up trash, learned a exercise routine, made a little speech and learned about healthy things to eat. Then after it was over the parents got to go and watch and listen to what happened. Both of my kids had the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
My oldest said " I want to be an artist because you get to be creative and no one can boss you around." and my 8 year old said "I want to be a gymnastics teacher because I enjoy doing gymnastics." Well I think both of these things are fantastic ideas but I'm sure they will change many times over the years to come. Now at the end of April they actually have to go in front of a gym full of people and perform the exercise routine and the question at the Junior Miss Program.

My husband had an exciting night last night too, our washing machine decided to quit working at like 8 last night right in the middle of washing some of my friends clothes, so luckily I had a backup washing machine and being the awesome husband that he is he switched them out last night. I think it must have taken him about an hour. Then to top his night off one of our smoke detectors batteries started going dead so he then had to bring in the big ladder because our ceiling are so tall it's not just a matter of jumping on a chair and dealing with it, so he brings in the ladder and you still have to stretch to reach it but he fixed that too.

Now today I get to clean the house or at least start cleaning the house because the girls and I are leaving on Saturday to head to Oregon to enjoy their Spring Break down there, so I like to have a clean house when I get back (Wes if you read this remember that)


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