Thursday, March 10, 2011


So every year just about since I have married my husband I have been able to get away for a weekend with his mom and grandma and sisters we call this Girls Weekend. I can not even explain in words how excited I am for this time of the year when I know I get to get away and just relax, but it wasn't always like this.

Years ago we would actually take the kids or at least one of them and it was fun but it just wasn't relaxing at all. They loved going to get in the hot tub but some where along the way someone came up with the rule of NO KIDS and it works perfect because then it is actually a nice relaxing weekend.

So we go to Eagle Crest and spend the weekend in a very nice cabin, which if bigger would be my dream house. It has log accents, knotty pine walls and the decor is lodge cabin stuff which I love, we are right on a golf course (I'm waiting for the day we see a golf ball come through the windows) there is a hot tub and miniature golf which I can play lol.

While there for the weekend we always go shopping in Sisters, OR which is so much fun. They have such unique stores and fun things to see.
So in exactly one week I will be on my way to this fantastic place. I leave Thursday night and drive for about 2.5 hours with my friend to her moms house (yes I am bringing a friend because she needs to get away and I don't want to drive by myself) and then we will get up the next morning and drive another 4.5 hours to Bend where we will shop for a while and then head to the cabin.

My husband will be keeping all 4 kids this year which I have a feeling he is going to find out what its like to be MOM for a weekend. He has to drop our 17 month old off at a babysitters and take the older three to school on Friday to go to Donut and a Book with our 8 year old and then he has to pick our 17 month old from the sitters and spend the day with her. Then Saturday he has to load them all up again and drive our 10 year old to a birthday party and then pick her up again on Sunday. I have a feeling he will be ready for me to get home on Sunday, he never really has had to take our 17 month old in the car by himself before (you have to have super arms to get her sippy cup when she throws it down while you are driving down the road) lol

I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!


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