Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Books to Read #4

A Very Brave Witch (Paula Wiseman Books)

"Kindergarten-Grade 2–A friendly young witch describes what she likes most about Halloween. She explains that although most of her kind …are afraid of humans, she has done research and concluded that people are not that bad. She plans to visit them this Halloween night as they trick a tree. After boarding her broom, she zooms in a circle, becomes dizzy, and crashes near some trick-or-treaters. She soon discovers that a brave witch and a brave human girl dressed as a witch are not so very different. As the book ends, the two new friends share a moonlit broomstick ride. The chatty text appears in dialogue balloons. Done in black ink and watercolor, the cartoon artwork captures the holiday's spirit with crisp fall colors and amusing details. Busy witches decorate their creepy-looking mansion by hanging skeletons, un-caging bats, and sprinkling spiders out the windows. In the Sub-Basement Costume Unit, a seamstress is hard at work sewing a monster paw; costumes line the walls (Frankenstein, a space creature, etc.); and politician masks share space with a jar full of eyeballs. Both children–one green and one not–are appealing, and the witch's orange cat, with its expressive features, adds to the fun. A humorous, not-scary-at-all read-aloud." from Amazon


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  1. We love books at our house! I think my girls would like this one, it looks cute. I'll have to see if I can find it at the library. :)


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