Monday, August 30, 2010

School Has Started!

Today school started along with our busy schedules.
I am so happy but also sad that school has already started. I love spending time with the girls but I also really enjoy that they are back at school for the day.  I know how confusing right? Well sometimes I just feel like I need a break but then am so sad that we don't get to go and do stuff because they are gone at school. So this year I have 3 girls in school, yep one just started kindergarten and she was so not ready to let me go this morning she clung to my leg and then finally they went out to recess and she made a friend at recess and then told me I could go, silly thing. So now all I have at home is my baby Jaedyn but I started doing daycare again and so I have another little girl here too who is 16 months old but the house is still so quite, and then for about an hour and a half everyday after school I have a total of 7 girls here. CRAZY I know but I love it.
So back to our schedules:
Monday-K has gymnastics 6-7:30
Tuesday-Madyson has riding lessons 6:30-7:30
Wednesday-Madyson has dance 4:35-5:15, Lyndze and K will have Awana Club 6-??
Thursday-Lyndze has gymnastics 5:15-6 and then she has riding lessons 6:30-7:30
Friday-nothing but Family Night
Saturday-Clean the house day I mean really cleaning the house not just picking up things after the kids lol
Sunday-Get stuff ready for the week, K has riding lessons 6:30-7:30

So busy but so worth it for my girls, so I guess now all I have to do is wait 18 years and then I can relax huh?

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  1. Go SUPERMOM!! I would limit to only 1 activity each :)


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