Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hello Again

It has been so long since I have any kind of time to post anything I feel like I have been running ragged and like I have been neglecting all of my readers. SO SORRY

Since my last post we got home from our family vacation, the girls and I were home for about a week. My oldest brought her best friend back with her from Oregon so we did a few activities-tie dying shirts, painting letters of their names, and lots and lots of swimming.

We headed back down to Oregon for a stay of about a week and a half. I went to an annual jamboree that I have been going to for a few years now called the Oregon Jamboree there I got to listen to lots of country music including country stars Keith Urban, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert to name a few. Now how many of you can say you have sung your ABC's with Keith Urban well I can, its a long story that I just don't really feel like typing, I got to hear Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert sing together which was really awesome too.So this jamboree is 3 days long and thanks to my MOM I get to go she watches all 4 of my girls for me.

Now I also have to get school clothes shopping done for all my kids because I don't like to pay sales tax and since I am already down in Oregon I might as well take advantage of it RIGHT??
So Monday I take my little kindergartner and boy was she easy we were in and out of Walmart in like 30 minutes.

Tuesday I took my 8 year old to the mall and she wasn't as bad as I thought she was going to be, she is usually my really picky one but we were probably done with in a hour in a half. Tuesday we also celebrated her 8th birthday and she requested a tie dye peace sign cake and I actually found one. It ended up being so good too.

Wednesday I took the kids to the fair so they could ride on rides and I am pretty sure we will not be going next year it was a huge waste of money, my oldest was to big to ride the not to scary rides my youngest who will do anything was to small to ride the scary rides without an adult and there was no way I was getting one them. So we will just stick to going to Silverwood every year (post about this coming after Labor Day). Wednesday night I got to enjoy a Jake Owen concert.

Thursday I took my oldest shopping usually I just go and pick out her clothes because she could care less but before we went to Oregon she went shopping to find her backpack and boy was she picky so I decided I had better take her with me and she has to try on pants to because most don't fit her like normal. Thursday night I got to see Clay Walker in concert and boy this was an awesome concert I definitely would love to see him again.

Friday I got to go shopping again this time just me and one of my really good friends from Oregon and we hit up the outlet mall, I might have went a little over board but I got some awesome deals. I mean who can turn down 2.99 shoes, dresses, capris and shirts, NOT ME. Got home Friday night and had to start loading up all the stuff and boy did I have alot.

Saturday morning we headed out to go camping with my parents for a night, I was bringing home my sister in law and her 2 kids too. I really hate camping at a place when they are inconsiderate people on the other side of the camp spot blasting music pretty much all night and all I could think about was if they woke up my baby they were going to hear an ear full from me.I have no tolerance for STUPID inconsiderate people.
Sunday was the long drive back home eight in a half hours later we were finally home. Now I had to unload the car and then head back to town to go grocery shopping and craft supply shopping because Monday I start babysitting 3 more little girls.

So for week one I had a total of 8 girls in my house. It was so much fun too. Friday my in laws showed up-mother, father, sister and her two kids. Saturday I made my 8 year old and her two cousins a 3 tiered cake for their birthday and we had a little celebration here for them. Sunday everyone left and it was just my family again, now don't get me wrong I love having visitors especially family but it was really nice to enjoy the quite with just my girls. The minute they left I started cleaning the house, mopping which was way overdue and then we headed to Costco.

Yesterday my 8 year old had gymnastics which was nice because I got to drop her off and go grocery shopping during her hour in a half practice.

Today I had to take Lyndze to get her teeth cleaned and then my oldest had an orthodontist appt and it sound like she will be getting braces sometime when she is 11 apparently her teeth are falling out faster then they should be so I guess its good she can get them out of the way before she is in high school. So now you are caught up with everything going on in my life. Hopefully I can post something at least every other day or so we will see. Enjoy the rest of your summer!!!!Only 2 more weeks until my kids are back in school :((((( HAHA


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