Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Big Yellow Bus

So today was my daughter Lyndze's first official whole day of kindergarten. Yesterday was the first day but they were only there for about 2 hours and there was no busing.

I walked my girls out to the bus stop this morning and you should have seen the look on Lyndze's face when the Big Yellow School Bus came around the corner, it was priceless. Lets just say the look on her face made my heart melt and made being a mom mean that much more. She was jumping up and down screaming "The Bus, the bus". She has wanted to ride the bus since she was a little over 2, she used to try and sneak out with the older girls and then would cry when I carried her back in the house. So today was a big deal to her. It was definitely a good day for her and for me I just can not stop thinking about the look on her face when she seen the bus. Cry Cry Cry :((((((((


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