Thursday, July 1, 2010

Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Eclipse opened June 30th with showings at most theaters at 12:00am. Last night my friend Leslie and my sister in law Lacey and I went and stood in line so that we could watch this 3rd movie of the Twilight Saga.

Isabella Swan was a normal teenage girl, in a normal world. Until she met Edward Cullen and Jacob Black. Since then she has been up against a Sadistic Vampire, The Volturi and an angry werewolf, Paul. But what lies ahead is something only Edward's 'brother', Jasper Hale, can help the Cullens with. A Newborn Vampire Army created by a Revenge ridden Victoria for what Edward did to her mate, James. 'Mate for Mate' as Victoria sees it. But what she doesn't know is the Cullens have a secret on their side. With Graduation coming fast, Bella gets more and more worried about becoming immortal and the fight. But the real question is: Who will she choose? Written by Jemma From England 

My Thoughts:
First of all let me just start by saying I LOVE the Twilight books and the movies. We decided we would get to the movie at 8:45 and wait until it started at 9:15 and luckily Leslie got there earlier because when she got there the line was out the door and she was at the corner of the movie theater. We go in finally and get our seats, go out for popcorn and wait in anticipation for the movie to start. And it starts......At first I was confused if it was the start of the movie or not but then finally realized it was. The performances in this movie by Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewar, and Taylor Lautner are outstanding along with the rest of the cast, transforming themselves into vampires and werewolves they are CRAZY good. 

I of course LOVE Taylor Lautner the best, who could resist a ripped werewolf right??? It just really amazes me how they can do the graphics for the werewolves, they look so real. All I could think about through the whole movie was how Bella could chose Edward over Jacob makes no since. 

I also don't understand how anyone could think Edward is at all hot in these movies, you can see all the gross hair on his chest he is just such a hairy guy YUCK. They really should have waxed his chest at least. Hair or no Hair he is still a really awesome actor and I can't wait to watch him in the final two movies.

Unfortunately we were sitting behind two very immature high school boys who were doing obnoxious things to impress the girls they were with, I just wanted to say grow up you MORONS. So I was a little distracted by them but still managed to enjoy the movie. I don't think this movie was the best one yet, the fight scene with the newborn vampires and the werewolves was really exciting and actually made me jump a few times but I think I wanted more actually I know I wanted more. Now we have the long agonizing wait until November 2011 which is forever away How can I make it the at long??? So overall this is an AWESOME movie. GO SEE IT.

Did you see the movie??

Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward???

Eclipse (The Twilight Saga)


  1. Loved, Loved, Loved the movie you did such a great job reviewing it as well. I am totally team Jacob he is so hot, and I believe you said it best the other night when you said great movie just not enough Jacob with no shirt on!! lol great job!!


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