Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Busy Days

I have been so busy the last couple of days I haven't had time to post anything I feel like I have been neglecting you guys.
4th of July- I woke up realizing this is the first 4th of July I have ever had without my family around so it was kinda of a depressing morning. So I did what I do best when in a bummer mood I started cleaning, I rearranged my dining room, and then we headed up to Coeur d' Alene and had dinner at Texas Roadhouse which is a really fun place. They have peanut shells all over the ground (you just throw yours down) I really didn't feel right doing that but I did, they provide fresh bread baskets with this awesome cinnamon butter so so good. Every 45 minutes they do a line dance that you can participate in, and they play country music. After dinner we headed to the lake to get a spot for fireworks.

Now this is where the FUN CRAZINESS begins, we headed downtown which is where we were told to go and it was packed with people, my husband started getting all grumpy because there were so many people around and he didn't know where to go....we head back out of town to go around the lake and he finds a spot alongside the road and parks I was like what are you doing, he says you can see the fireworks from here. I was of course thinking a few choice words in my head that I kept to myself (we had our kids and sister in law with us so I had to be nice). Long story short we sat there for awhile in silence and then I was like we are not sitting here we can't see the lake drive on the other side and so we did we found a nice little spot and had about an hour wait. We enjoyed the fireworks that were going off all along the lake and then we enjoyed the actual show from a little bit of a distance but we still got to see them and see the lake. So I was HAPPY.

Monday-I went to town with my sister in law so she could rent a U-haul trailer so she could move back to Oregon this was a big bummer but she hasn't been able to find a job here so she has to move back home and hopefully she can better her LIFE there. I tried to help loading the U-haul while holding Jaedyn because she wanted nothing to do with being put down, my husband and her finished loading the U-haul and then it was time to take Kyndal to her first Level 2 Gymnastics class. This means that instead of 1 hour classes she now has 1 1/2 hour classes and the skills are harder. I was quite surprised you couldn't even tell she just moved up in a level she is right there with the rest of the girls in her class or let me brag a little maybe even better lol.

Tuesday-Had a sad morning goodbye to my sister in law, I think it was more sad because Jaedyn is really fond of her and she has really been the only family around her consistently for the last couple of months. After we waved her off we had to get ready to go to the movies. Kyndal invited a friend Charlie and we drove Jaedyn to the babysitters and then went and watched the movie Furry Vengence. (Review Later) headed back home and the girls played in the pool and I cleaned the house.

Today- Cleaned the house, scrubbed my dining room walls and floor. I can't believe how much more you see on the floor when you are scrubbing on your hands in knees then when you just mop with a mop. Its actually very disgusting now that I think about it. Next I am going to reorganize the movie shelfs and the computer desk. I know this sounds like so much fun to you all and then we are off to Kyndal's gymnastics practice.


  1. Sounds like you had a nice 4th of July - you sure are busy!!! Sorry to hear that your sister-in-law is moving away. We are in the process of moving and will be farther away from my family, it will be really hard to be further away.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend and you are a super mom! I found you over at Trendy Treehouse as part of the New Friend Fridays! Love your blog and we are from Idaho too, but stationed in NM!

  3. 4th of July was always a favorite holiday at our house when the kids were young. We'd put on our own firework demonstrations and entertain ourselves and always have a hot dog roast. Sometime it is the simple things that make the best memories. Sounds like you had a nice celebration as well.


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