Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday with my 5 year old

Today I get to spend some time with my 5 year old Lyndze and no big sisters.

She finished her chore chart so she decided that for her prize we would go and get lunch and then go and play at a park.

First we are going to go to the Farmer's Market and see about getting some fresh fruits and veggies YUM YUM.

Then Lyndze will get to decide what we have for lunch (maybe I can get her to pick subway)
and then off the the Park for some good fun in the SUN. I love the Sun it makes these days that much more special. I am letting her bring a friend with her so she will have someone else to play with and she decided to bring her cousin Sydnee along for the day.

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  1. Sounds FUN!! Enjoy your day with Lyndze, and I wish I was able to go to the Farmer's Market.


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