Thursday, February 25, 2010


You know every time I go to town with my kids (which is pretty much every time I go to town lol) I always tell myself they are going to be good. Well today they definitely proved me wrong.

We walked into the store and no joke we were in there maybe 3 minutes and I was already wondering why in the heck I torture myself like this, why not just wait until Wes gets home and then go to town and get what I need to get done DONE. Oh yeah, thats right when he gets home I have dinner to cook, baths to give, homework to get done and the list goes on. So needless to say it was quite the afternoon in town today.


  1. Oh dear!! That bad, huh? Well I took Kendall and Peyton to get haircuts before Kendall's dance, and lets just say Peyton's needs fixed. I am so mad about it. I asked for a trim--LOL. Sounds like after your day today--Saturday is going to be very needed.

  2. Yes, after yesterday all I could think about was getting away for a couple hours on Saturday.


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