Thursday, February 25, 2010


Today for preschool with Lyndze she is going to learn about Smell. She is going to smell some different things, like cinnamon sticks, flowers, juice and explain what she is smelling. Then we are going to do a couple art projects, painting a Popsicle and then eating one for snack, we are going to make some paper flowers, she is going to learn the numbers 1-8 which really the only ones she still has to learn are 6 and 8, and then she is going to get to play with flaked coconut just like you would with sand but it smells really good. And if the weather holds up we will be going to a new park we seen in Palouse.

But we can't start any of this until the Direct TV guy gets done here today.

And after all this the girls will get home from school and then we have to rush and get Madyson ready for dance and this off to Pullman and today is the day the parents can watch so hopefully my little miss Lyndze will actually sit and watch.WE WILL SEE!!!!


  1. Seriously I wish we lived next door to each other so we can do preschool together. I know Peyton is younger, but she would LOVE all the activities. I am going to see what I can find for SMELL today.

  2. Ya I wish we did too Leslie. So anyways we won't be going to the park today it is just way to cold outside today.


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