Friday, February 26, 2010


So, today for Lyndze's preschool we are going to learn about Touch.
First we are going to walk around the house and she will tell me what she can't touch because she could get hurt by touching it or playing with it. Then we are going to finger paint. This also makes a great keepsake. Then we are going to make a turtle, and each part of his shell will have a different textured item glued to it like bark, wax paper, cotton balls, corn kernels and double sided tape and tin foil. Then we are going to learn some letters today, PQR. And then she will make a picture with stickers. And still no park today the weather is just not warm enough.


  1. Where are you getting all your ideas? Or are these your own ideas?

  2. you have such great ideas Kim... and YAY I was finaly able to become a follower!!! wooowhooo!!! ~ this is Lacey by the was I am not realy sure how to use this right quite yet!!! I will figure it out though

  3. Some are my own some I find searching the web.


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