Saturday, February 27, 2010

Girls Night Out

So, I finally had a girls night out it has been a very long time since I have had one and it was fun. First we went and seen New Moon which I have already seen once before but believe me if you haven't seen this movie before it is one that you could watch again and again (Jacob) and still be very interested in it despite the people behind me that kept kicking my seat it was a steal of a deal for only $1. We got the kiddie pack of popcorn, soda and candy which was really a nice size.
After the movie we went to a restaurant in Lewiston called Zany's. We ordered our food and just my luck there was a hair in mine so I immediately pushed to the side and waited for the waitress to come back. She took my food and brought me a new plate with no apology or anything I was very disappointed in this usually they are more apologetic than this or even offer you a discount of some kind and well I just didn't feel like asking for the manager or anything so I just let it go and filled out a comment card.
Can't wait to go out again I know for sure we will be going to see Eclipse when it comes out in June. Thanks for a great evening Leslie can't wait to do it again soon.


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