Monday, December 13, 2010

Candy Land Party

This past weekend we had a Candy Land Party at our house. It was so much fun and the kids had a blast playing the game, I think they must have played at least 4 times. Ages ranging from 3-10.
Now I was so impressed with the improvements they made to the game as were the other adults we all said Wow when we opened the box to set the games up.
New Version
Old Version

They have added a few more characters amd places like: Grandma Gooey, Princess Frostine (used to be Queen), Duke of Swirl, Chocolate Mountain, Ice Palace, Licorice Lagoon, Gingerbread House, Peppermint Pass, Gummy Hills, Gummy Pass, Ice Cream Slopes, Cupcake Commons

And also took out a few details from the older version like:Molasses Swamp, Gloppy, Ice Cream Sea, Gramma Nut, Peanut Brittle House, Rainbow Trail, Licorice Castle, Gumdrop Mountains, Gumdrop Pass, Jolly, Mr. Mint, Peppermint Forest, Plumpy, and Gingerbread Plum Trees.
Old Version

Now keep in mind the new version is from 2010 my old version was from 2001.
The new version has so much more details, it looks fantastic.

Hasbro provided me with the product and the information through MyBlogSpark

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  1. It was a GREAT party :) Definitely loved the game!!


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