Monday, December 13, 2010

Advent Calendar

So I'm a little late in posting this but I recently decided to make our Advent calendar this year, I found an idea for one in one of my all time favorite cookbooks The Gooseberry Patch.

What you need:

16X20 Frame
Red Fabric to cover the back
1 1/2 inch wide ribbon
card stock-Christmas themed
Green card stock
White paper
Hot glue gun
Red Marker

Take out the glass on the frame and cover the back with the red fabric, use the glue gun to stick in place.
Next cut out 4 pieces of ribbon that will go from top to bottom and again glue it in place.
Now you are going to cut out 24 pieces of cardstock 2X2 inches. Then you will use the envelope pattern.
Then again glue around where you folded the cardstock and stick to the ribbon
Next you will cut out 24- 1X1 inch green pieces
And again glue beside your pockets
Now cut out 24-1/2X1/2 white paper pieces
Glue onto green paper
Next take take the red marker and number all the white pieces of paper from 1-24.
Now for the fun part fill with treats


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