Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baby #5

That's right we are EXPECTING Baby #5 in May.  May 30th to be exact but we will probably have the baby May 26th since I get to pick the date I want to see my new baby.  I know most people think we are crazy I on the other hand can't wait actually I wish this didn't have to be our last, now that is probably crazy.

So we found out in September that we were going to have another baby and at first I was shocked for 3 days to be exact and my husband was so happy. I had only been off birth control pills for about 3 weeks when I conceived. We knew we wanted another baby we just thought it would take a little longer like it did with our 1 year old, it took almost 3 years for her.

The minute my husband found out he said we aren't telling anyone until a month before you are due, which would have been doable because all of our family lives in Oregon, I would have been able to kinda hide it during Christmas, but then we had this great idea that I might be able to find out what we are having the week of Christmas and then we could just tell everyone at Christmas but I just couldn't hold in in any longer, so we told everyone over Thanksgiving weekend. I like I thought most were excited for us and a few told us we were crazy but whatever WE ARE HAPPY so I think that is all that really matters.

Now the big question is...What are we going to have? Another girl to add to our family or maybe that long awaited boy that my husband could enjoy doing MEN things with.

And now I have to think about what I am going to change the name of my blog to.


  1. Congratulations! I don't think you are crazy, in fact I think the more the merrier! Here's to hoping you have a great rest of your pregnancy!

  2. I am so ahppy for you and Wes. I am thinking it is your little boy you both want so bad!


  3. what a cutie. Ok, or will be. Congratulations. We'd love to have a big family ourselves.


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