Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Today is day 2 of me by myself with 5 kids which is much better then it was yesterday.

Yesterday was the first day my husband went back to work so I was here by myself and I thought I might not be able to handle it. My 19 month old is very much a Daddy's girl and for the past 9 months it has just been her and I here during the day so she got a lot of attention and now she is having to share me with her baby brother and she doesn't like it very much, she was fine once her Dad got home because then she could go to either one of us and we could spend time with her. Yesterday was just horrible I tell ya. I decided I had to have some kind of structure to our day so that each one of the kids got some alone time with me, between getting the house cleaned, cooking meals, and feedings every 2 hours I knew it would be tough but they would have to have patience. Or I was hoping they would have patience.

Today went much better each one of the girls got alone time with me while we did some learning, and while the baby and my 19 month old slept this afternoon I got to do something the older kids like doing which is play games. Tonight we are going to have a camp out in the living room should be fun.

Its already been 2 weeks since I had our little bundle of joy, I can't believe it either. On a good note though I have already lost 22 pounds that I gained while pregnant with him which is just a ridiculous amount but whatever its gone now and never coming back, now hopefully I just keep losing :)

I had our little man's pictures taken yesterday too and they turned out so stinking adorable well the 2 I have got to see so far, I can't wait to see the rest. I also had my 19 month olds pictures taken too because when we went to have Easter pictures done it was so cold she cried the whole time so we didn't get any good ones of


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