Monday, June 13, 2011

Couponing Trip: Week 5

So this week the total retail price of everything was $138.29 and I paid $75.83 only a 46% savings for the following items:

6 packages of diapers
2 bottles of Gillette Body Wash
3 bottles of Nivea Body wash
2 Gillette deodrant
1 Gillette Razor
2 containers of Colgate toothpaste
1 6pack pkg of Bounty Paper Towels
1 bottle of sunscreen
2 pineapples
4 pkgs of Chex Mix
2 Yoplait yogurt FREE
2 bottles of Comet FREE
1 bottle of Pinesol

and not pictured is
2 bottles of La Victoria Taco Sauce FREE $.06 moneymaker each
1 container of Carmex

Not the best savings this week but I did get a lot of diapers for only $6.49 a pack for Pampers and if you use diapers you know that is a good deal.


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