Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crazy Life

My posting on this blog has been so horrible for pretty much the past year. I really don't have much of an excuse other than I have 5 kids babysit 3 more and I'm not about to stay up late to make sure I get posts done. Right now all the kids are taking a nap so I actually have some time to tell you guys that I'm still here :)  

My son just turned 1 on the 24th, it's so crazy how fast it went by. My older 3 only have 6 more days of school left so it's just going to be crazy here this summer. No really I love having them home (except for the occasional fighting of course)

We are heading to Oregon in June so we can drop the kids off with my Mom and then off we go to Reno so we can watch my sister-in-law get married. It will be so nice to get away with my husband for a few days without the kids. Here we don't do anything together without the kids so it will be relaxing.  Then the kids and I will be spending about a month in Oregon because we have birthday parties, family picnic's, Oregon Jamboree and just getting to visit with friends and family and of course the yearly camping trip.

Until next time...